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Abandoned land in Mid South Florida

These are photos of a long forgotten housing project East of LaBelle, Florida
3,878 home sites, many selling for approx. $2,500. Taxes approx. $250 a year.
5 miles east of LaBelle, just east of Port LaBelle off SR 80 on the right heading East.
Water lines are run but you'd need to connect to your lot.
All lots have paved road access.
No power run to any of the lots that I know of. Some could be connected?
(There are power lines run down the two main access roads)
No Septic and word is you can't dig one so would have to be some other method.
There are also water canals running down both sides of the development.
This is VERY rural property and only 2 houses in the entire development.
Notice the complete lack of any houses in these satellite views.

If you're looking for a bug out location far from anyone, this could be the place.
Here's a link to get you started. BANYAN VILLAGE, FL 33935

Another link for an overview of water lines run in Banyan Village.
Only 12 lots have no access to water.
A local told me that to be connected to water line, you must have a septic system approved first.

Yet another link for cheap land for sale in Florida.

I have no financial interest in this at all, other than I might possibly buy a lot.
In any land purchase, research everything about the land. Could be hidden issues.

A comment was made that this might? be in a flood zone. Folks, most of Florida is a flood zone.
This is a bug out location not the place for your dream home. Live with it.
But for those who asked, this is the FEMA flood zone map of Hendry County.
Zoom into an area just to the East of Goodno on SR80 between Wellington Pkwy and Lexington Pkwy.
Hundreds of lots are less than 1% chance of flooding. Do your own research to be safe.

Banyan Village LaBelle Florida
Banyan Village LaBelle Florida
Banyan Village LaBelle Florida

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