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Why we prepare for disaster and survival. Prepping just makes sense.

A problem for me a week ago pointed out my prepping plans were not as fool proof as I thought.

I live quite far from the hordes of people some are stuck with and have 5 acres that could be planted
should the need arise.
I've also begun gardening in a minor way and preparing soil for use at a later date.
I have two generators to run the well and house as well as small solar system and Inverter setup
with batteries on maintainer charge at all times.
Solar controller and inverter are stored away in a Faraday cage. Panels are protected as well.
I also have 12 months food put away and rotate often. I have a few cases of water as well.
I also have a well and septic system so got that taken care of, OR so I thought.

On a Saturday night I saw my water pressure go down drastically and then quit completely.
My first thought was pressure switch has gone again or maybe the pump controller
which I have spares for both.

When that didn't work, I had nightmares that my well had gone dry.
I called the local pump installer and
was amazed he'd come out on a Sunday with no extra charge.
Within seconds he knew it was the actual pump that had gone bad.

Short, expensive story was he replaced the pump in just 3 hours.
Who knew deep well pumps cost so much?
But I also learned the probable cause of the failure was the pressure tank had water logged
causing the pump to cycle much more often. 17 years old so not a surprise it failed.
Hint: Get your pressure tank checked. Cheap protection trust me.

So let me get to the point of this story.
I had started a rain water collection system but had not finished it. Just call it lazy as I had the parts.
So, my plan to use that resource for non drinking water use, such as the toilet, was shot.
In a pinch, with pool shock, it could also be a drinking water source.
Hence my stored water was somewhat used up for the damn toilet. Still had plenty of water but
my un-finished rain water plans had caused a big problem.
Being in Florida I can guarantee the rain water system 55 gallon drum would have been full of water.

What this pointed out to me is the importance of finishing your plans to completion.
This also points out that problems do not have to be all about the "end of the world as we know it".
My experience is the very reason we prepare for the unknown.

As preppers we are just looking to find ways we are vulnerable.
Whether it be weather, disasters, man made or caused by nature we want to be prepared.
In other words, we do not want to be at the mercy of things we can't control.

So in closing, have a plan and finish it.
Do you have food and water? Do you have a source for heat and lights? How will you cook?
As I found out, you have no idea when you'll need those plans to work.

I'm now going to be doing a review of ALL my plans to make sure they will actually work,
during all scenarios, and are totally finished.

Thanks for your support!

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